Artist Biography

Mizuki Katakura was born in 1992 in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan and raised in Iowa. She is a 2013 BFA graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Painting and Art History. She lives in Miami Beach, FL.


Artist Statement

Painting is a meditation on consciousness.

When paint comes together to form an image and dissolves again into color, I hark back to the phenomenon of various atoms gathering momentarily to form a person at a specific point in time, and those particular atoms dissipating and replaced anew as soon as the moment is past.  I recall the multitude of thoughts and actions that collectively gives rise to a perceived personality, a ghost in the machine.  I ponder the music that arises from noise, and the culture that forms from free-willed individuals.

The transience of these things and their essential absence of a transcendent reality may echo as a grim idea, dashing faith in the permanence of a human soul, a personal body, and unchanging culture.  But to me one of the wondrous things imaginable is how little separates my fingertips and paint, another person, or the stars.  Just as subatomic particles flicker in and out of existence, I too am merely an illusion of briefly organized matter. When I decide the placement of strokes of paint, it is not transmuted to something superior, but an image arises.  The image seems tangible and absolute, yet its dissolution into paint and pigment remind me that in many ways nothing is forever.